Peaceful Chaos

The other day I went out to feed our six horses for the day. This can be a hectic task due to the horses becoming overwhelmed with excitement as they hear me enter the barn. They come sprinting from the pasture and enter their lean-two where four of them are fed. The other two horses... Continue Reading →

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An Enjoyable Journey

Climbing onto the bareback of a horse or into a saddle we must allow ourselves to find our balance in order to not go tumbling or sliding off. When we begin our journey as horseman, we learn that in order to stay on the back of the horse, we must find our balance. Riders must... Continue Reading →

Unbreakable Bonds

Climbing onto our horse, we put one foot in a stirrup, swing our leg over the saddle and sit upon the horse. We grab the reins and with a signal, we take off. In this moment we as humans believe that we have the control, but this is untrue. We may physically have control of... Continue Reading →


Sometimes as a horse owner I tend to forget that groundwork is the key to everything when it comes to horses. Groundwork is the start of it all and to ensure that your horse is going to respect you, groundwork needs to be accomplished every now and then to ensure that you and your horse... Continue Reading →

Into the 20’s

Being able to be a part of a horse’s life for many years is something that I think many of us treasure, I know that I do anyway. My parents bought my horse, Mya, for me when I was 11 years old, she was 9. Mya is now 20 years old and I am 23.... Continue Reading →

Free Range

There are many times that we as horse owners think that it would be best for our horses if they were in their stalls where we could be sure that they are safe and warm. Although this crosses my mind every now and then, this is not the case. Not once in my life have,... Continue Reading →

Gaining Respect

There are many times that we buy a new horse and automatically expect them to show us respect. Most of the time though that is unlikely. Although it would be simple and nice if we could earn their respect by handing them treats and spending time brushing them, this is not the way to gain... Continue Reading →

Getting Up

As horse owners there are times that we fall off the back of our horses and in that moment, we must decide if we are going to get back on or stay where we fell. I remember being around five years old riding my mom’s buckskin horse named Bambi. As I was riding Bambi, she... Continue Reading →

Overcoming the Fear

Fear, this is something that strikes us all in many ways, but it can be easily overcome when we face it head on.   Each time my daughter climes on top of a horse, I have a small sense of fear. I know now what I put my parents through as I was always taking... Continue Reading →

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